Important: PLEASE READ

Updated: October 17

The Zombie Chase has run into several issues this year. Most recently we have experienced a fire that has burned up props, obstacles and items needed to put on this race. We have scrambled to try and overcome these obstacles. Due to these circumstances we do not believe we can put on a quality event. We have to cancel this years race. We appreciate everyone’s support of this event in the past and we apologize that we couldn’t pull it off. We plan to bring this event back next year as well as other similar events.

We have attempted to reach everyone that has paid. We still have several people we have been unable to reach through email. We have 2 options for your refund. We can send you your refund to your paypal account or send you a check. If you haven’t spoken to us yet please send an email to Please provide your paypal address for the refund or your current address.

We want to thank everyone that has helped in the past with this race and we look forward to an even bigger event next time.